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We offer a collection and delivery service meaning you don't need to worry about getting your garments to us and picking them up, we're sure you're busy enough already!
Dry Cleaning Devon

Dry Cleaning

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Dry cleaning Devon

Dry cleaning throughout Newton Abbot

We clean everything from drapes and wedding   dresses to clothing suits, shirts, ties and skirts. We clean all types of material such as silk, polyester, cotton, and rayon.

We care about your garments

Professional lagoon system cleaning involves many different operations; all performed by skilled people, and designed to give your garments a fresh, clean appearance. Our staffs are highly trained in their area of expertise to properly identify, clean and/or finish all garments, and to exercise a number of special procedures when handling your items.


Each garment is checked for tears, wearing, loose or missing buttons and existing stains for pre spotting.

Stain removal for stubborn stains

There are hundreds of different fabrics today. Each has its own chemical makeup, and what is used is critical. The trained eye of the spotter has to fully understand which of twenty plus products to use on the garment and what degree of steam vacuum is required.


Once the garments are ready for cleaning, they are sorted by colour and fabric content and placed in the Lagoon machine.

Your garments are then gently washed in the most Eco friendly way with no harmful chemicals Lagoon computer managed system there is no trial and error with your garments, and is Woolmark Approved.


Seams and collars are perfectly pressed and all required creases are done properly. Wrinkles are eliminated. All garments are hand-finished. We have the one of the best process for finishing garments. Remember, our job is not to just clean your clothes; our real job is to make you look and feel good.

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