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We offer a collection and delivery service meaning you don't need to worry about getting your garments to us and picking them up, we're sure you're busy enough already!
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Dry Cleaning

We clean everything from drapes and wedding dresses to clothing suits, shirts, ties and skirts. We clean all types of material such as silk, polyester, cotton, and rayon.

WE CARE ABOUT YOUR GARMENTS – Professional lagoon system cleaning involves many different operations; all performed by skilled people, and designed to give your garments a fresh, clean appearance.


Equine Services

Town and Country  Equestrian Laundry, we specialise in cleaning, repairing and reproofing of horse rugs of all kinds. We are very aware that your horse rugs are important part of the wellbeing of your horse’s so we use the latest in insecticides and anti bacterial washes to ensure that all traces of infection are removed from the rugs so that cross or re-contamination risks are absolutely minimised and we do not wash different customer’s rugs together.


Wedding Dress Cleaning

Once your wedding dress is ready for cleaning, it are sorted by colour and fabric content and placed in the Lagoon machine. Your dress is then gently washed in the most Eco friendly way with no harmful chemicals using the Lagoon computer managed system. There is no trial and error with your garments, we are professional and take care so your wedding dress comes back good as new. The service is Woolmark Approved.


Duvet Cleaning

Research has discovered that a duvet contains millions of fungal spores which have been proven to cause asthma in adults and children causing allergic reactions.
For the most effective results, industry hygiene guidelines recommend duvets are washed twice a year in a wash cycle in excess of 65C.
Your duvets are sterilised and disinfected with the removal of all allergens for that perfect night sleep.


Curtain Cleaning

Curtains trap airborne dust, hairs, odours, dead skin and smoke. They are the perfect breeding ground for dust mites which can cause anything from coughs to allergic reactions. Unfortunately, dry cleaning alone will not remove odours and clean deep into the curtains fibres. That’s why we clean all our curtains using the Lagoon system.

Sports Clothes Cleaning

We know how dirty those sports clothes can get, and how difficult it must be to keep them really clean. Along with our other services including duvey, wedding dress and equine cleaning, we offer a cleaning services dedicated to sports clothes, ensuring they come back to you as good as when you first got them.


Ironing & Repairs

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Commercial Cleaning

We offer have a wealth of experience servicing the laundry requirements of Hotels, Guest houses, B&Bs, Holiday Lets and Sports Teams and deliver an outstanding finish that will impress your clients and guests located across Devon.